Guided Motorbike Tour Dates in New Zealand

Guided motorbike tour dates in New Zealand

If you have any questions regarding these tour dates, or would like more information, please contact us. If you are a tour operator or are looking to organise a group tour but don't see a date which suits your plans, get in touch and let us know.

We'll be happy to help customise the arrangements for you, pretty much anything is possible, but if you don't ask, you'll never know!

2020 guided motorbike tour dates
The Best of New Zealand 10th February 2020 23rd February 2020 Places available
The Best of New Zealand 2nd March 2020 15th March 2020 Places available
The Best of New Zealand 23rd March 2020 5th April 2020 Places available

Guided motorbike tour dates TBC
We like to think we're pretty organised, but we've not quite finalised the dates for all our tours onwards from 2019 tours yet. Check back here for the updated guided motorcycle tour dates once they've been confirmed, or you can contact us.

Of course we can always organise a specific tour on specific dates just for you, if you're looking to arrange a group ride or are lucky enough to be a motorcycle tour operator. If the dates above don't suit, or you have something special in mind, just let us know!